my articles

The following represents a selection of some of my articles.

hanaHana’s Suitcase
(Reader’s Digest November 2003)

It belonged to a little girl, torn from her family by the Nazis, and today it bears a message of hope.


Kathy’s Gift
(Reader’s Digest March 2001)
(Also published in French in Sélection Reader’s Digest October 2001)

A profile of Kathy Knowles, founder and director of the Canada-based NGO, the Osu Children’s Library Fund which has built eight children’s community libraries in Ghana’s capital Accra and has helped more than 200 smaller libraries in Ghana and around Africa.

orbisThis Glorious Gift
(Reader’s Digest August 2000)
The volunteer doctors of Orbis bring hope to those around the world facing a lifetime of blindness.

Belgium’s Genius
(Reader’s Digest January 1996)
A look at the magic of Victor Horta’s buildings which inspired the art nouveau movement more than a century ago.

Along the Pilgrims’ Way
(Reader’s Digest- carried in 25 editions during 1996)
An account of the author’s 800 kilometre walk along the medieval pilgrimage route across northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela.


Yearning to see Yemen
(Globe and Mail July 31,1993)
The author’s account of a two week journey to the Republic of Yemen.

‘Look at Me, I’m Walking!’
(Reader’s Digest August 1992)
Thanks to Birmingham’s pioneering Institute for Conductive Education, youngsters crippled by cerebral palsy are achieving more than they ever dreamed possible.


Sound Sensation from Evelyn Glennie
(Reader’s Digest June 1992)
The story of this young and talented percussionist who faced a bigger challenge than most since she was born profoundly deaf.

Jane Goodall Chimp Champ
(Reader’s Digest August 1990)
A study of this remarkable British naturalist who has devoted her life to studying and saving the chimpanzees.

Andrew Lloyd Webber and His Amazing Money-Spinning Musicals
(Reader’s Digest Nov 1983)
A portrait of the genius behind many of the world’s most popular musicals.

Angel in the Cairo Slums
(Reader’s Digest Dec 1992)
Profile of Sister Emmanuelle, guardian of Cairo’s garbage pickers.



Kiri Te Kanawa, Opera’s Royal Favourite
(Reader’s Digest May 1982)
A look at the life of one of the world’s leading opera stars.

The Woman from The Body Shop
(Reader’s Digest September 1987)
She says “Be daring, be first, be different.” A profile of the late Anita Roddick, creator of the world-wide Body Shop consortium.


From Barbara Cartland, With Love
(Reader’s Digest Nov 1980)
A story about Britain’s long-reigning Queen of Romance novels.

When the Red Cross Reunites Families
(Reader’s Digest February 1988)
With a dedicated staff and huge banks of information on prisoners and victims, the Central Tracing Agency helps reunite families torn apart by war.

The Woman from The Body Shop  September 1987
She says “Be daring, be first, be different.” She is dynamic, innovative and very successful.”