about Deborah Cowley

Deborah (Mason) Cowley is an Ottawa-based writer and broadcaster. She has travelled the world while writing more than 100 articles for different editions of the Reader’s Digest, many of which have been translated into dozens of languages. She has been an on-air broadcaster for CBC radio in Washington, D.C., and worked for CBC television in London and Cairo, Egypt. She is the author of Cairo: A Practical Guide, now in its 17th edition, of Lucille Teasdale: Doctor of Courage, short-listed for the Ottawa Book Award. With her husband George Cowley, she wrote One Woman’s Journey: A Portrait of Pauline Vanier. She also edited the wartime letters of former Governor General Georges Vanier, published as Georges Vanier: Soldier.

In 2000, she traveled to Ghana, West Africa, to interview Kathy Knowles, founder of the Osu Children’s Library Fund (www.osuchildrenslibraryfund.ca, and the OCLF Facebook page) a small Canadian NGO bringing books and literacy to African children. Since the publication of her cover story for Reader’s Digest in 2001, she has continued to work closely with Kathy, both in Canada and in Ghana, and she has so far made 17 extended trips to Ghana.

She has been a member of Writers’ Union of Canada since 2001.

africantree_cover_smallDeborah Cowley’s book The Library Tree: How a Canadian woman brought the joy of reading to a generation of African children is now available at a bookstore near you or from www.amazon.ca (for Canadian readers) and www.Amazon.com
(for US readers).

“This book is a must-read for anyone interested in literacy, Africa, and a renewed hope for humanity.” (T. Morrow. Seattle).

The Library Tree is also now available as an ebook! You can find it on Amazon for your Kindle or on our publisher’s website in epub or mobi formats.

Attention Book Clubs or Reading groups: Deborah is happy to speak to any groups to discuss her book, specially those which are an easy drive from her home in Ottawa. She will also consider invitations to more distant events. Please see her contact page.

See my books for more details of the book, my events for locations of book presentations and here for a review from CBC Winnipeg.

Last updated June 2017.